Thomson Dawson (Americas Fortune 500 consultant) Unconventional for sure. Authentic–absolutely! Baaghil is the foremost thinker and advisor on brand strategy and development. His forward-thinking approach to brand relevance is changing the way business leaders around the world are building the value of their brands in the clutter and noise of our 21st-century marketplace.

ADEL AL-GHAMDI (Former CEO Saudi Stock Exchange and Alissa Group Holdings) Brand transcends color schemes, glitzy graphics, and inspirational statements. It is an instinctual experience embodied in the audio, visual, physical, and emotional senses of your customer at every touchpoint of your business. Its why employees love working for you and its why customers keep coming back. Why? Baaghil… I did. Baaghil peels away the technical layers of branding to expose its soft center of gravity. The very center that differentiates authentic brands from the wannabes.

BADER AL AUJAN (CEO Savola Foods) Said Baaghil's insights on Branding and Marketing is much deeper than most I met. His unconventional approach is what the market needs today. I've had Said advise two different organizations. I recommend Said to any organization that wishes to create unconventional brands

LIBBY GILL (International Speaker and Author of 'You Unstuck' and 'Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Fellow') Said Baaghil drives brand excellence with innovative ideas and a bold spirit. A true original. Said is extremely generous in sharing his expert advice and creative vision

DECHAY WATTS (Chief Strategy Officer/Co Founder of Sprout Content, LLC.) Said Baaghil is one of the most passionate brand marketing experts you'll find today. I learn something new and fascinating about how brands evolve every time we chat. He inspires me to dig deep and take an honest look at how my company presents itself to the world

DEBBIE WILLIAMS (Chief Content Officer/Co-Founder of Sprout Content LLC.) Said lives and breathes brand marketing and strategy and is one of the most passionate people on the subject I've ever met. His enthusiasm is contagious. and any company who works with him will surely feel inspired to create a better brand. Said is a rare gem in the world of marketing. He's a genuinely caring and honest person who truly wants to transform companies into brands. .brands that have a vibrant personality, distinct point of difference and strategic core that will help them dominate their market lead their industry and stand out from the crowd."

ENAS HASHANI (Founder/CEO of Rumman Co./Destination Jeddah) As a business owner and an entrepreneur. I am honored to endorse Mr. Said Baaghil as I have known him for the past five years. he has been extremely helpful as a marketing consultant since the inception of our business. Mr. Baaghil created the Marketing plan for Rumman Company. which is now one of the leading media and publishing houses in the country as well as the number one fastest growing companies in 2010. Mr. Baaghil is an outstanding marketer and one of the best in the region, his books and theories changed the marketing perception in the region and it was of a great value to businesses and students alike

IBRAHIM ABBASS (General Manager, Focus Advertising-Saudi Arabia) I believe that Baaghil is hiding a superhero outfit under his suite with a big red "B" in it he devoted his life to save BRANDS from those whom still think of them as logos on billboards. he brought the change to our region on how we work and perceive both Marketing and Branding

REX WHISMAN (Chief Strategist, Brand ED Consultants Group) Said Aghil Baaghil is a thought leader in brand who brings a world new and his insights are always spot on

PAUL LOUZADO (Executive Director, Siegel+Gale Middle East) It is rare to find an individual in the region with such a deep understanding of brand. Said Baaghil is truly a pioneer in this region. blazing a trail through a market riddled with agencies selling short-term marketing tactics and advertising campaigns. We applaud Said's tireless dedication to realizing the potential of Saudi Arabias great companies. building them into the regional and global leaders they deserve to be At Siegel + Gale we firmly believe that in order to present a powerful and consistent brand to the world. it must sit at the center of all strategies and decision-making and act as a guide for organizational behavior. We are proud to have Said as a peer in this school of thought. and wholeheartedly support his work in enlightening individuals and executives in the Kingdom in brand marketing aligning all marketing activities with brand strategy to build a consistent and powerful presence in the market

MOHAMMED NAZEER KHAN (Chief Marketing Officer, Sense Holdings) It is my honor to thank Mr. Said Baaghil for being with us as a business consultant. We have grown and gained a great deal thiu hts in-depth knowledge and experience. and through his suggestions and opinions concerning how to strengthen our company's structure. His advice and direction gave us a new vision. His ideas on strategic approaches for every little functional step allowed us to execute complicated projects with such ease. His inventive strategies are JUST AWESOME. Mr. Baaghil is a Brilliant Brand Marketing Strategist

HISHAM DARWISH (Owner of Mazaya Marketing) I had the privilege of working with Said on a couple of projects. An innovative. result-driven and ambitious marketer that's him! An intelligent perfectionist. Very positive attitude towards work. He is creative and pro-active in finding solutions

EYAD MASHAT(Founder/CEO of FAD Intl. Femi9 & Vivid Flair) Said is a great consultant for our company. Every time we face problems he is always there with great ideas for solutions or ways to create a working solution that can be executed in reality. He is the best at what he does and the best I have experienced

MONIZA KHOKHAR (Owner of Wahid Media Ventures) Said Baaghil has the courage to ask the right questions, and demands that the results he achieves match your vision for your company. His guidance. sincerity. and marketing expertise are unmatched. making him a powerhouse player to align with

HANI KHOJA (Managing Partner, Elixir Management Consultancy) Said is an idea factory with a need to significantly expand the warehouse. He has so many ideas in his head. he gives them away for free! His passion is creation. If you are lacking ideas or your brand has hit a rut. have a coffee with Said You will have ideas for the next 23 years. If you want to not only think outside the box but in fact destroy it completely. then Said's your man

JUN MICHAEL DELA CRUZ (HR Generalist) Mr. Said is a real eccentric, and he is unpredictable in a sense in his marketing solutions. He has simply got the brains and expertise to surely electrify people's hearts and minds. In effect a focused. targeted and specific response from intended audiences is the outcome which has made our brands successful. Given the culture and mindset of this part of the world where I have worked with him. it can be very difficult for people to understand him a common scenario between Mr. Said and the brand owners. Yet when his tactics and way of doing things are implemented, it truly ROCKS!

MARIA MAHDALY(Co-Founder of Rumman Co.) Said is an inspirational marketeer who can give your business the lift it needs to succeed. He implements strategies that are both unique and eccentric. He is a true talent

HASAN FADLALLAH(Owner of BrandLounge) Said is a talented Saudi marketeer. strategist. and recognized author who has made it in the world of marketing, and is on the right path to achieve a global fingerprint with his fresh ideas and modern perspectives. I suggest you watch that space carefully. because more is yet to come from this talent. I am confident as well that he will continue his drive with me to reshape the future of marketing in the region

HOSAM AL QURASHI (Partner/Consultant, Elixir Management Consultancy and VP Marketing, SEDCO) Said is a true passionate marketer. I have had very few interactions with him and can only admire his vast knowledge in strategic marketing and brand architecture. He is a man with a mission of turning marketing in our region into a key business driver. He has a clear mission, he is spreading his knowledge, and he is engaging marketing experts in the region to join his cause. I would recommend Said for clients looking for strategic marketing, product development and brand creation

BILAL MOUKALLED (Account Director, Dunes Graphics - UAE and Saudi Arabia) An inspirational and uniquely intriguing speaker. It's always a pleasure chatting with Said and working with him on brand development. I would definitely recommend Said to any local or even multinational FMCG company. He has a lot of in-depth knowledge on the science of brands up his sleeve

ROGER DE VOS (Executive Management Consultant, H & D Consulting - Belgium) The interesting conversation that followed our first contact opened a very new world in terms of approaching the global market. Since then. Said is the person I seek advice from when a particular issue arises in the field of my professional activities. He understands the depth of brand building and has a profound knowledge of setting the right brand strategy to the benefit of any organization. The models he proposes areall-around and specific at the same time. ready to be used at any location on earth regardless of the local buying or selling culture. The result is less spending on advertizing with better sales turnover. an item that specifically gets my attention as a cost reduction and continuous improvement director. Said is a trustworthy professional resource for all marketing specialists seeking to improve their businesses. His latest book. The Power of Belonging, is more than worthwhile reading

DAN HILL (President, Sensory Logic - US) An eager explorer of what's new and best in the marketing realm. Said offers his clients a thoughtful. cogent perspective on what it takes to make sure your marketing connects both rationally and emotionally with the target market. Full of energy and practical insights. Said's your guy when it comes to making it happen in marketing circles within the Middle East

RAMZI HASHASH (VP Manufacturing FEED at ARASCO) Sir. Said Aghil Baaghil is a master in his field. He is and there is no doubt about it. eccentric in his approach to meeting clients expect, peed with which Mr. Baaghil has worked and the solutions delivered have given us a tremendous financial benefit. as well as created a bigger gap between us and our competitors. I would recommend Mr. Baaghil any time

REEM KABLY(Communications Adviser, Shell - Saudi Arabia) The comfort. the convenience and uniqueness that the Logic portfolio of services brand provided are second to none. I commend Said Baaghil's creative genius and marketing strategy. In short, in just a few years. Said the marketing guru. has introduced a whole new culture here. setting a table that is accessible and irresistible to everyone

SARAH ABDULLAH (Business Correspondent, Arab News) Mr. Said Baaghil's knowledge and creativity in marketing and brand creation are second to none. Anyone who has spoken with him even for only a few minutes can detect his true love of marketing and his energy for perfection, which has proven to be a driving force. as apparent in his successful launch of ventures in both the Western and Gulf markets

SIOBHAN ADAMS (Managing Editor, Gulf Marketing Review) Said's enthusiasm and love of marketing are genuinely infectious. He brings a distinct verve to the discipline which is brought vividly to life through both his academic work and his operations. He is one of the Middle East's most vocal and powerful advocates of indigenous marketing and brand creation. both in and out of the region

FARIS AL SHAMAL (Marketing/PR Consultant, GMATCO) When I came across Mr. Said's book on Eccentric Marketing. it made me aware that the prospect of a person driving change for our region exists. I look at Mr. Said as the deliverer of neo-marketing concepts to our old-fashioned markets, and as a one-man think tank. in whom one would do well to invest. because he will play a leading role in marketing Change

HUSSEIN DAJANI (Digital Evangelist/Public Speaker - Middle East) Said is a shining example of a solid character and a seasoned marketer. He makes things happen by challenging the status quo. He is a true talent and an innovator in his domain

IMAD ARAR (General Manager, Mayar Food Industries) We are proud to have the Unconventional Branding and Marketing consultant Said Baaghil, to draft both our branding and marketing strategy for the new brand. Having Said on board is more than just thinking outside of the box, it's actually learning the depth of branding and marketing to support our business